What We Do

Our Mission

For many professionals from overseas or out-of-state, having an accent at work can be frustrating and even limiting in terms of career advancement. With the growing demands of the workplace, finding the time to invest in accent training can seem daunting. And the energy required to sit through the tedium of archaic listen-and-repeat courses is exhausting.

At The Speech Trainer, we understand that time and results are of the essence so we have developed unique 3-hour workshops guaranteed to:

  1. Improve your understandability

  2. Transform your vocal quality

  3. Build your vocal confidence

Our Process

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Who We Train

Business Professionals

Learn how to express your professionalism, confidence and competence in the workplace

Medical Professionals

Tweak your speech to communicate clearly, and empathetically with your patients and colleagues


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Pro Athletes

Build the vocal identity you need to build your brand through the media.

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